Providing specialized truck load insurance cover
to the commercial transport market.
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XL Transit (Pty) Ltd has been constituted to provide specialized truck load insurance cover to the commercial transport market. The goal of which is to build relationships with selective brokers who service this sector and enable them to optimize their service and performance levels through our efficiencies and assistance.

The business is written through Guardrisk a long, well established and much respected insurance license carrier. This should give significant security and comfort to our broker network and subsequent clients.

XL Transit will have full underwriting and claims settlement authority. We aim to maximise speed and efficiencies in turnaround on quotations, issuing of policy schedules and settlement of claims.

XLT`s strategic goal is to have a core selective broker network in each city as well as outlying geographic region within South Africa. This network will be to the mutual benefit of both us the underwriter and selective broker respectively, thereby ensuring an element of broker exclusivity.


Turnarounds on quotations, placements, endorsements and claims. In so far it is up to us we endeavour to be the fastest responders to broker requirements in the market.


In addition to efficiency we aim to ensure our accuracy of all applicable relevant information is of the highest standard to ensure the impact of our efficiencies are not lost.


We operate on the basis of mutual assistance both within our business and with all our brokers to ensure all stakeholders benefit from our association.
Our vision is to ultimately become the preferred Service Provider for Goods in Transit insurance.
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